Events are the lifeblood of GW4x4R. They provide an opportunity to meet with existing and new team members, to work together, and build up trust and confidence in each other, which all helps when called out in real adverse conditions.

One of the more common events we undertake is Triathlon Marshalling. What does this involve? Well, apart from sometimes getting up at silly o’clock in the morning, it means manning a particular point on the cycle route considered by the organizers to be a safety critical junction, and ensuring that the cyclists obey the Highway Code so the cars and cyclists don’t come into contact with each other. Quite tricky sometimes. The aim is to be visible to the general public and to the competitors and see them on their way safely. We may need to offer help or call for first aid in the event of an accident and assist in cycle recovery if breakdowns occur.

Other events we cover are large shows such as Cotswold Show. These entail a variety of tasks, such as car parking, general odd jobs, escorting persons and vehicles when movements are restricted, arena gate control, assisting with lost persons, and assisting when show sites are water logged and deep in mud. A common factor in any UK event.

At a recent steam show, I even got to tow a broken down steam engine! The variety of events means there is something for everyone.

Jerry (GW43)