Thanks to you, GW4x4R’s recent recruitment drive resulted in unprecedented numbers looking to join our team of volunteer response drivers and controllers.

But we’re looking for your help again!

We desperately need to update our ageing VHF radios which, in some parts of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire, can be ineffective at maintaining safe and practical communications to/from our volunteer controllers and response drivers.

A crowdfunder ( has been setup by one of our team, which has been thoroughly verified and is fully-endorsed by GW4x4R. Its aim: to seek funding for a new digital-based communications infrastructure.

This new network will not only provide better communication between team members, but also enable our controllers to easily locate response drivers using the in-built mapping software and get them to the next, nearest or most convenient job, something that will ensure we can get to as many call-outs as possible.

If crowdfunding isn’t your thing, why not visit the Supporting Us page, where you can find information on other ways to donate.

Thank you for your continued support.