Team clothing and Stickers

Please speak to Andy Morgan (GW073) about ordering clothing or stickers. *note prices are for current items in stock, price review with new supplier*


Polo shirt – navy: £15.00*

Sweatshirt – navy: £17.00*


Fleece – navy: £24.00*


Hoodies – navy: £22*



Beanie hat with logo in orange with www.gw4x4r: £7.50


Beanie hat in navy: £7.50


Baseball hat with logo: £7.50


Limited current stock only- ask gw073 for details.                                             Short-sleeved formal shirt in navy £22*.                                              Long-sleeved formal shirt in navy: £24*

* only in stock items is at this price, current supplier has closed, price changes may be required.




Glos & Worcs 4×4 response, small: £1.00, large: £3.50

WWW.GW4X4R.CO.UK 12″ x 1″ £1.60 Available in yellow or black


National 4X4 Response 10″ x 2″ (25.2 x 5 cm): £1.20


Large magnets with logo: £15- currently out of stock- Orders now being taken